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First, let’s understand the term peripheral. A peripheral is not part of a computer but rather a device that’s connected to it. Peripherals make the computer have expanded capabilities. Most often the peripheral is dependent entirely or partially on the computer.

Such auxiliary devices include computer mouse, hard drive, keyboard, expansion cards, printers, graphics cards, tape drives, loudspeakers, microphones, digital cameras and webcams. The random access memory is a storage peripheral and is necessary for the efficient functionality of all modern computers.

Without RAM, the computer will not work. There are other devices that can be used as peripherals due to their interfaces. Such devices include tablet computers and smart phones. They do not depend on the host computer entirely as some other peripherals do. Technically speaking, the power supply, computer case, mother board and the central processing units are the only computer parts that are not considered as peripherals.

Peripheral however is mostly in reference to external devices like scanners. They are referred to as external peripherals. Those inside the computer case are referred to as internal peripherals. They include CD-ROM drive and internal hard drives though not recognized as regular peripherals. In fact, not many people will refer to them as such.

Peripherals are of different types, three to be exact depending on their task. There are output, storage and input.

Input peripherals helps in inputting data into the computer. They include a keyboard or a mouse. Output peripherals give output to the person using the computer. A few examples are printers, speakers and the computer monitor. Storage peripherals are basically for storage purposes. They include hard drives and flash drives.

Peripherals will most certainly improve the computers performance. They also give more details. It is good to know the peripherals that your computer will support before purchasing any. This will minimize spending money on peripherals that will prove of no use to you eventually.

If any of the peripherals give you a hard time, you can solve the problem by finding out where exactly the problem started. That is the right point to begin.

Be sure to double check connections most especially those involving cards. You should make sure that the wires are also in order. Peripherals that need installing may need to be re-installed if you are having difficulties booting.

If a Computer shop breaks down, it is very easy to replace with a new one. Be specific on the quality and brand so as to get longer service.

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